Call Accounting System, Billing System, Pbx Billing System 's Major Features:

  • This is Award-Winning software but it is Free for small customer who has equal or less than 18 Extensions or Hotel with less than 6 Rooms.        
  • No duplicate call record, we establish checking tool inside database which rejects any coming CDR which have the same Called Date and Time, Called Number and Calling Number. So, customer can re-import unlimited time the raw log file to try to get new CDR            
  • Supports any call charge scheme and multiple call charge schemes (one per each telephone service provider). Service charge including surcharge and flat charge can  be based on calling party or called party.           
  • Customer can define multiple Discount packages and assign to relevant Calling Party/Extension, so that call from these Calling Party/Extension will have defined discounts.
  • Volume Discount by CallType. For example, Local Call has Volume Discount, while International CallType has no Volume Discount. Volume Discount will be set on Telephone Rate Table, or in other word, it is a property of Telephone Rate Table. Volume Discount is not set directly by Calling Party/Extension. But because we can have multiple Telephone Rate Tables, and be able to assign Telephone Rate Table to Calling Party/Extension, we can indirectly set Volume Discount for subscribers."            
  • Block-based and Pulse-based telephone rate table.            
  • Telephone Rate Table applied for given call is selected by Trunk or by Calling Party/Extension (need sophisticated config).
  • Supports scheduled call charge rate, which will be applied at given point of time.
  • Supports multiple currencies and automatically exchange the currency if needed.
  • Exports/imports interface for CDR, Billing connector for other application to retrieve telephone charge information for other purpose (for example, your own accounting system can online retrieve telephone charge from the billing connector).
  • 60 Telephone bills for Pbx Billing feature. You can short, filter, layout in many different ways or schedule to automatically make and send bill via email. There are detail and summary telephone bills. Detail telephone bills are needed for the owner of office building, telephone reseller...Summary telephone bills are needed for internal cost allocation.
  • You can set different color for each call on the bill according to the CallType it belong to or set bold if its duration/price is over the call duration/price threshold.
  • Telephone bill can be based on Extension or Account Code for traditional Pbx billing system, or based on Source IP for VOIP gateway.
  • Alert authorized person via email right after receiving any call, which is longer than a given period of time, or call charge is much more than a given amount of money.
  • Billing report can made at any time, for any period. Monthly telephone bill making is just a specific case. The call charge on the bill is the final number which resulted from both charge calculation against Telephone Rate Table and any promotions that this call or caller should have.            
  • Hot bill for given Calling Party/Extension is possible.
  • There are some statistic reports which allow customers to see entire pictures of telephone service of them. For example, total charge per Trunk, total charge by Department, total charge by callers…


1. Particular Feature For Enterprise Billing

  • Run on Ms Access on Ms Windows.
  • Compatible with any PBX. The call detail record (CDR) format can be re-programmed after installation to matches the particular CDR format which  your PBX is sending out.
  • Get CDR via RS232 port (COM port), IP or scan log file. The first two methods are Online CDR receiving, the last method is semi-online which depend on the frequency you configure billing software to scan log file and how often you configure your Pbx to save CDR to log file.            
  • All raw CDR will be saved firstly into log file on HDD, then parse and save all fields necessary for call charge calculation to database. With this mechanism, customers have always the original data that Pbx send to billing PC (both real CDR or even any message), which is very useful for problem diagnostic.


2. Carrier Billing System

  • This is special Billing Solution running on Php/Apache, database can be Oracle or MySQL, OS can be Microsoft Windows or Linux. It can manage very big data and big number of subscribers which are mandatory demand of Carrier.
  • Multiple operators (engineers) can use the their logon portal to switch to multiple database, one database can keep CDR for one public exchange or many.
  • Security mechanism allows you to even create simple portal for each subscriber so that they can logon and view their detail call, their monthly telephone bill and payment.
  • Web service available to other Online Payment company. For example, via Web Service, bank can get telephone bill, debt data of subscriber and make payment on behaft of subscriber.
  • Despite it is Web application, the interfaces are very nice and user-friendly because we have programmed them using extJS library.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any one of these software Call Accounting System, Billing  Solution, Pbx Billing System, you will find the best choice.