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easyHotel is sophisticated Hotel Management System

 It is powerful, but affordable and easy to use. It is one of the best in class Property Management Software, for hotels and resorts of all sizes.


We have been in this market sine 1998 (2 years from the time I graduated from University, 8 years before I opened VTM Viet Nam Software Company), more than 300 hotels are using in 29 countries (Viet Nam, Italy, England, USA, Ukraine, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, Tonga, Australia, Mexico, Zambia, Afghanistan, Falkland, Cambodia, Lesotho, Nigeria, Honduras, Myanmar, India, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines).


Complete Hotel solution, Property Management System, Front Office


Reservations Module:

Mainly perform all the Hotel reservation’s functions.

  • Reservations can be made for Individuals and Groups.
  • Reservation must have a Guest Profile attached to it. Guest Profile contains main information about a Guest. Guest Profile has type of Individual, Company, Travel Agent , or other Source of a Hotel Reservation.
  • You can search, view, update or cancel a created reservation. If a reservation has been cancelled, then you can re-activate it if the Guest come back.
  • Reservation can be in Pending status such as putting in Waiting List if Room is not yet available. It can be taken off the Waiting List and accepted when Room becoming available.
  • Many options can be applied to Reservation to tailor your needs.
  • Other features that Hotel often use like adding routing instructions, splitting a reservation, billing partially.


In-House Guest Module:

Mainly perform all the hotel’s front desk functions.

  • View expected arrivals today and in-house guests
  • View all the reservations for a specified date, search reservations that meet certain criteria.
  • See what rooms are available for inquiries.
  • Check in guests including walk in guests, and cancel reservations.


Cashier Module:

Perform all the hotel cashier’s functions

  • Each cashier has an individual ID to log in with.
  • At the beginning of each shift, cashiers have to open to start to record transactions. At the end of each shift you close your cashier and perform a shift drop
  • Night Audit can be run every late night to fix all transactions. After that changing any transaction value must be followed a complicated procedure or not allowed to do at all.
  • Night Audit perform completing the accounting totals, validating data, the daily statistics are calculated and printed (Optional).
  • Night Audit can be run at daylight, in that case, all transactions after that will have Transaction Date of that day, but Accounting Period is automatically moved to Next Accounting Period. This feature bring Cost Saving to small hotel, who can't afford labor cost to manually run Night Audit at midnight of every day including Sunday and National Holidays.
  • Service Charge can be set per Transaction Types. For example you can apply 5% service charge for telephone service, while Laundry is 10%. Service Charge has time stamp attached, so that you can change it time by time. Service Charge can be attached to specific Reservation or Guest Profile. When multiple Service Charge available, the more detail will take higher priority, or in other word take effect.
  • Support different VAT level for different types of service. And VAT level will have also Time Stamp which it affect only after that time. You can keep all VAT level forced by Government.
  • Support multiple Currency. The listed currency on good and service sold to Guest can be different from currency used in Administrative Reports.
  • Currency Exchange can be selected between Transaction-based or only on the total figure on the reports, bills.


Report Module:

Select and customize reports by changing options to meet your need.

  • Guest bills, there are around 20 different templates and formats to select from
  • Administrative reports, there are around more than 30.
  • Customer can select any administrative reports be made automatically with Night Audit process.


Room Management Module: 

Perform all functions related to Room

  • Support RoomRack, almost activity on a Room, even Check-In, Check-Out, Cancel... can be done on RoomRack. Manager can have overview of Guest Occupancy by looking at RoomRack.
  • Room service like cleaning, facility supply, wake-up via Pbx...
  • Mini bar management.


Hotel Settings:

Many options and core data need to be setup to match customer's specific need.

  • Setup billing interface with Pbx. Support many kind of Pbx by allowing CDR Format to be re-configured at run-time in this Hotel Management System.
  • Setup all room, room type, room rate...
  • Setup Classification Code to automatically classify all transaction.
  • User and Permission setting.



  • Pbx Billing module is compatible with many Pbx avaible in the market. CDR can be transmitted via COM port or IP Interface. Support smart Telephone Tariff, group AreaCode into CallType. Each CallType has one Call Charge Scheme. Specific AreaCode of a CallType may have different rate from other AreaCodes. Telephone Service Charge can be applied by CallType, different CallType has different Service Charge level.
  • Hotel Management System is Client/Server. The server was developed in LAMP (Linux as OS, Apache as Web Server, MySQL as Database, PHP as programming language) and extJS. Hotel Management System client portal is able to access anywhere depend on IT settings. Another client is developed in Ms Access and of course it is Windows Application.
  • We supports Hot-StandBy model. One Back-End Server is Master, which directly return data and be updated by Web Portal Client or Windows Application Client. The other StandBy server is running in Slave mode. It is automatically synchronized with Master one. Normally the Slave server is working as Read Only and customer feel free to allow other software from third party to access the Slave without worrying any trouble happen to their data. But in emergency case, we can promote this server to work as Master one.



Screenshots of easyHotel - one of the best Hotel Management System, Front Office, PMS

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System | Front Office | Property Management System | PMS - Main Windows. Click on the picture to enlarge.


Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System | Front Office | Property Management System | PMS - Edit a Reservation. Click to on the picture to enlarge.


Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System/Front Office/PMS - Night Audit process. Click on the picture to enlarge.


Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System/Front Office/PMS - Report Making. Click on the picture to enlarge.



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